Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Deconstruction of The Chase by Maddy and Hattie

Deconstruction of The Chase

Firstly, considering the aspect of Propp’s theory, we see from the titles at the beginning of the film the five of the seven archetypes are presented to us.  The Chase stars Connor C as the hero, Conor O as the villain, Hattie H as the sidekick (who could also be seen as the magical helper), Maddy S as the princess, Richard M as the victim.

In considering Todorov’s theory, instead of having the state of equilibrium it starts at a state of disruption, which immediately engages the audience.  There is then recognition of the disruption and then there is an attempt to repair the disruption when the princess goes to the hero and sidekick (magical helper) for help.  To follow the trend of Todorov’s formula they changed it at the end by still being in a state of disruption.

Looking at Levi-Strauss’ binary opposites, there are various instances where they are inserted. For example, the hero and villain and male and female, which sparks conflict.

Furthermore, there are uses of narrative enigma in order to draw in the audience. For instance, the audience is left not knowing why the murder has taken place on the victim, we are left at the end not knowing the future events that will take place after her older brother (murderer) was killed.

In considering the mise-en-scene of the micro-drama, there are various props that are used. For instance, Maddy’s wig, Hatty’s wizard cloak, glasses and wand, Conor’s mask, and wooden sticks.  There is specific use of black and white to portray that it is set in the past which also could convey that it is a dream, or  a flashback.  This conveys that more anchorage is needed and more signifiers would give a more distinct idea.

This micro-drama is aimed at the younger generation; children and teenagers. This due to the fact that the actors are young and there is a sense of magic (Harry Potter style) ,which pulls in both a male and female audience.

There is use of dramatic orchestra throughout. This is used to signify to the audience that action will take place and also to build up tension.

Considering the gender and age aspects of the micro-drama, the princess is blonde which signifies that she is dumb, whereas the brunette is seen in more of a intelligent way.

Throughout the piece, there are subtitles, which convey to the audience what is happening.  For example, “There he is the villain!” This also instigates who the characters are.

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