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Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978)

- Sans Seriff font- Unusual for horror and it is likely to signify comedy.
Halloween Poster
- Red is used to signify danger and  blood.

- The reflecting candle flame from the pumpkin is used to signify hell.
- The music is fast paced and is a combination of slow string notes.
- Illinois comes up on the screen with a black background in a white Sans Seriff font which signifies good and evil. This also shows that it is set in middle America.
- 'Halloween Night 1963' - Provides anchorage
- Long shot/point of view shot of the house (camera is shaking)
- Establishing shot of a detached house - middle class, suburban neighborhood/safe
- Horror signifyers - Pumpkin
- Night time - Shadows, moonlight, blue tint applied, cold, unpleasant
- Sound - Owl/Gothic horror    

Deconstruction: Saw (James Wan) (2004)

1. Narrative enigma used, we dont see the killers face at any point.
2. Digetic sound is used in a darkened room
3. Anchorage of the time period from the clothing and tape recorder.
4. Anchorage of the setting given by the accent of the actors/actresses (American)
5. Binary Opposition, two oppsite characters one being a doctor and the other quite scruffy middle class looking guy (scruffy clothes, jeans).
6. There is no killer which is unusual for a horror but expected in Saw films as they have to work together and survive or kill themselves.
7. 15-24 (and upwards) Audience like our film opening coursework task, which is shown in Saws box office .

Deconstruction:Bride of Chucky (Ronnie Yu) (1998)

1. Blue tint used to show its a horror and shows it was filmed in a high budgert Hollywood studio with this technology.
2. White text on Black backgroun again signifies horror/seriousness.
3. America 'the great' flag shown flying which is ironic because they say america is a great nation although they conduct murders and violence.
4. Flashing signifies lightning/ somebody has been there previously.
5. Uses a range of shot types such as panning, extreme close up, establishing, extreme long shot , deutcsh angle shot etc.
6. Mask and chainsaw are shown on screen - intertextual from Friday the 13th.
7. Point of view shot used to shot the vulnerablility of the victim.

Deconstruction: Hell Night (Tome DeSimone) (1981)

1. Scream denotation signifies horror although it starts off almost as a chick flick as it is based at an abandoned mansion.
2. Hair styles and close signify the time period.
3. The digetic sound coming from the stereo on screen also signifies the time period as its more of your typical rock music sang by a woman.
4. Lots of woman dressed in revealing outfits we get the idea of who the scream queen is from the opening few minutes of the film when we get inside the house.
5. Red thick text on screen almost blood-like.

Deconstruction: April Fools Day (Fred Walton) (1986)

1. Set in the present day, filmed on a home-video camers signified by black and white lines on the screen due to the tape being worn out.
2. Set on a peer signified by mise-en-scene such as boats, dock, life jackets etc 
   - setting also signifies the characters are middle/upper class that have money.
3. Exposition, uggested they are all sexually active.
4. The scream queen is signified by hair colour and sixze of chest but also the way she speaks and what she says suggesting she is not hugely educated.
5. Transition to a basement, obsessionw ith a jack in the box anchored by numerous close-ups.
6. Broken dummy foreshadows what is to come later on.

SD - Deconstruction: 5ive Girls (Warren. P. Sonoda) (2006)

1. Establishing shot- Extreme long shot of the Religious school setting.
   - Bright light signifies a pure/virginal impression of the girls and god in the school presence.
2. Music and sound - Eary, slow the organ is being played (Digetic sound)
3. Mise-en-scene: Cruisifix on the wall, girl in quite contivertial uniform which apparently draws in the devil because she's doing something wrong with the teacher signified by him putting his hand on her shoulder.
4. Start equilibrium- School girl in a religious school.
5. Fence around the school in a tracking shot signifies discipline.
6. Ellipsis - time passing from outside to inside
7. Student in the classroom alone signifies isolation and vulnerablity.
8. Girl in the class rooms costume: short skirt, knee high socks, blonde hair all signifies she is sexually active and anchors the sexual link between her and her teacher.
9. Shot variations provides anchorage that it is aimed at teens because they tend to get bored more easily.
10. Non digetic sound and very short takes when the devil arrives to signify change and panic.
11. The roar from the girl signifies the devil has got into her similarly to the way it does in the horror film The Excorsist released in 1973.

SD - Deconstruction: Peeping Tom (Michael Powell) (1960)

- Establishing shot: Extreme close up of the eye.
- Woman on high street suspected prostitute: dresses in red (signifies danger,sex blood etc.) with fishnet tights and heels
- Prostitute also signified by vocabulary choices
- Prostitute killed off for being bad (sexually active quite young paid for moneypunished for being sexually active).
- Slight blue tint signifies horror.
- White text signifies seriousness.
- Screen shots give home video anchorge when the killer films his victims deaths with black horizonal and vertical lines across screens.
- Man enters a newsagents with naked/topless woman on magazines on the door signifies the film will later include nudity and sexual scenes.
- Beginning based around a brothel where he films his first victim, brothel signified by scruffy house with alot of beds and clothes scattered on the floor.
- Possible scream queen signified by long blonde hair, glamour model signified by the clothes she wears eg. red corset suspenders and high heels.
- Clothing at party signifies occasion maybe birthday due to the amount of guest. Later anchored by birthday cake and age saying 21.
- Accent signifies upper/middle class.
- Red light signifies blood/danger/sex etc.
- Main character had a troubled child hood and was maybe abused by his father anchored by hime filming him being disturbed in his sleep and putting a lizard on him to scare him (could be suffering from mental problems).

SD - Deconstruction: A Nightmare on Elm Street (Robert Shaye)

Budget: $1.8million
Genre: Horror
Box Office: $10.8million

1. Establishing shot in a macanics? Wait for anchorage.
2. Making some sort of blade for a knife - signifies violence to come.
3. A number of short take closeups one after the other a common characteristic of horror films aims especially those that are aimed at teens to keep them interested because they get bored easily.
4. Extreme long shot after close-up of potential victim- scream queen with blonde short hair.
5. Victim running down a corridoor by herself being followed?
6. Dark corridoor with a blue tint signifies horror.
7. Victim dressed in a nightgown/pajamas signifying it could be a dream or she could of escaped from somewhere.
8. False scare of a sheep following her instead of a killer- used to scare the audience so they dont anticipate the real scare and find it more scary.
9. Abandoned factory/warehouse anchored by mise-en-scene such as mental/iron equipment and smoke rising from machinery.
10. White text on black background signifies seriousness.
11. Orange tint signifies heat in the boiler room
12. No speech, signifying another dimension or under some sort of medication.
13. Non digetic and digetic sound eg when she screams at the end of the dream before waking up.

Deconstruction: 7eventy 5ive (Brian Hooks & Dean Taylor) (2007)

- White on black seriousness.
- Children at a sleepover make prank calls.
- Mise-en-scene pajamas, sleeping bags, beds etc.
- The dad comes in and replaces the phone back on the hook.
- Party going on downstairs of the childrens parents alacahol involved.
- Phone rings again but there is too much music downstairs for anyone to hear so one of the children wakes up and answers it (Digetic sound)
- Man jumps through the door of the house with an axe and starts killing off the adults mainly- axe scraping along the floor is digetic sound because it wouldnt be that exaggerated.
- Rampaged serial killer kills off all the parents
- Long shot from above (high angled shot) shows the room and blood everywhere.
- Exposition: 'Ten years later appears on screen'

SD - Deconstruction: Axe (Frederica R Friedel) (1997)

1. Close up tracking shot of a tree then moves down to a secluded house on a hillside.
2. Establishing shot of a detached house.
3. White and red tittle seuence and white text on black background showing names.
4. Tracking shot of ceiling.
5. Men in suits signifies that they are upper class maybe business men with cigars.
6. Business meeting dressed corporatly.
7. Holding someone hostage while they wait for the other victims to join them so they can beat them up and kill them maybe they are loan sharks?
8. Quality of colour signifies the time period with low technologies and anchorsthat the film is not a new release.
9. Lift close up big relevance later on in the film maybe.
10. Drums non digetic sound in the background to buld up the audiences tension as they wait for the victims to arrive.
11. Violence signified by outfits and guns anchoring they are gangsters.
12. Point of view shot from the victims are all over the place as they are being beaten up

Deconstruction - Sweeney Todd

  • - Starts in an animated form showing blood, London town and a barber shop.  Introduce the main ideas of the film.
  • - It starts to rain (stereotype of London) the rain then turns to blood to introduce the horror themes of the film. 
  • - The cartoon then takes us to a barber shop where blood splashes against the window. We then see the barber chair which is the main focus of the film.
  • - Victorian style pictures drawn in blood - Introduces the era of the film/blood is a common theme
  • - Blood from pictures drip onto the barber chair down onto the clogs. Audience is taken on a journey down to the sewers. Conveys that this is where most of the action will take place. 
    • - No characters in the first 2 minutes of the film. Audience focuses on the main themes of the film and therefore are not distracted by the introduction of the characters 
    • - Graphics in the opening scene are cartoon like. This makes the opening scene more comical for the audience and therefore it is polysemic.
    • - The titles appear in the middle of the screen in white text. The white text signifies that it is a serious/dramatic film. 
    • - The main title of the movie appears half way through the opening scene when it  falls with the blood down the sewers. This sets the tone for the movie and also shows that it is a horror. 

    • - Sinister organs are played throughout the opening scene.
    • The music creates a tense and dramatic mood and also creates suspense.

    • - As the title appears the music becomes more dramatic and builds up to emphasise the title of the film



Working Title - WAXED

Distributor - Boardshore

Production - Cliffanger

Group Members - Melodie Abraham, Sophie Dixon and Emily Moore.

Brief - Our task is to create the opening 2 minutes of a new feature film including an original soundtrack, producer and distributor and the company idents. 

Synopsis - The basic idea is that a beautician runs her own salon in the center of Ilkley. She is a psychopath in the fact that she has become bitter towards the media of how humans should be perfect and have the perfect body skin etc. When she sees that the two customers have not made any effort with their image, like she has, they become a prime target. She kills off one with an axe and the audience is left wondering through narrative enigma what happens to the other customer. 

Target Audience - Our target audience ranges from 15 to 25. We have applied a 15 certificate because we did not want to narrow down the audience to 18 viewers and not allow a wide age range. Our film is also for both female and male viewers as it contains a lead female role which will attract female viewers but also has action, violence and sex appeal for the male viewers.

Genre - We have chosen to apply the ‘slasher’ genre to our film as it attracts a large audience. We have noticed that there is an audience for our film as films like Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This film has been a main focus for ours as it has influenced the mise-en-scene and gore effects in our film. 

Mise-en-scene - Our location is in the center of Ilkey in a small semi-detached salon called Angels Retreat. There is also an alley running by the side of the salon which provides an eeriness to the setting. Our killer is wearing a black beautician uniform with a plunging neckline and her face will be heavily made up. The two customers will be wearing modest/day to day clothing. There will be various props that will be used such as tweesers, nail files, wax, candles and an axe which will be used by the killer. One of the previous A2’s coursework influenced our decision to use candles because it is key contributor for the lighting in our film and it also gives a sinister effect.

Cast and Crew  - 

Killer: Katie Mallows

We wanted to break the stereotype of the killer always being a male and therefore we were looking for a female with brown short hair and of average height. We want the killer to be heavily made up and originally the killer will be in her early 30’s.

Customer 1: Colette Howarth

To break the stereotype of the victim normally being a blonde and busty character we wanted the scream queen to take up a more modest and reserved role. We feel that having Colette as the actress will support our decision.

Customer 2: George Clayton

We chose to have a male victim for our film because we feel that it would contribute to the fact of breaking the tradition of always having female victims. George has the main features we were looking for e.g brown hair, brown eyes and average height. 

Friday, 21 January 2011

Casting [draft]

Our working title is 'waxed'. For our filming we want 3 actors. Originally we were going to have 3 women actors, one murderer, one victim and one client. Since then we have changed the idea to add another dimension to our film. By adding a male character we are hoping it will show how our film is a counter-type of most slasher films. We wanted to do a feminist spin on the genre hence us deciding to have a female killer.
Our ideal victim if we had a choice of a scream queen would be Drew Barrymoore from Scream or Jamie Lee Curtis because they are blonde and signify a typical scream queen.

Our ideal killer would be Jessica Alba because she would represent a more intelligent and thin woman with brown hair. For example a strong female killer such  Obviously we cant get these people to be in our film so we have chosen to have a Brunette killer and a Blonde scream queen that is busty being:
Killer: Paula a Beautician
Victim: Colette Howarth
Second client: George Clayton.

Podcast 2- 'Waxed'- Cast and Location

This is the second podcast, we talk about our location and our ideal characters.

Call Sheet 1st draft. 'WAXED'

This is the first draft of our call sheet. With the sequence we will shoot the shots.

Podcast 1-'Waxed' Introduction of basic idea.

This is our first podcast. It explains who we are, our first pitches and why we chose the one we did.
We also explain our idea and the changes we have made.

In the next podcast we'll talk about our cast and location.

Storyboard for 'waxed' 1st draft

This is our first draft of the storyboard for WAXED.

Coursework idea - Waxed

The idea of our film opening is:
about a woman who owns a home salon in a secluded area. She is around thirty years old and she tortures her customers in her salon due to the impact that the media has had on her concerning the "ideal body" and "looks". She tortures/kills her victim by using salon equipment e.g hot wax and also an axe.

The beginning of the opening will consist of the salon owner/killer setting up before her customers arrive for their appointments.

The target audience: for our film is teens and above but is not suitable for under 15's.
The mise-en-scene: will be a made up woman with tied back hair and beauty equipment in the room.
We will shoot our opening in a a secluded house with trees. This contributes to the fact that most horror films are set in secluded areas.
There is narrative enigma: at the start you think she is the victim not the killer.
For the castwe are going to have a real beauty technician to play the role of the killer.
We will have a woman and a man waiting in the waiting room. We chose a man to break the stereotype of the male always being the aggressive character and the woman always taking up up the scream queen role.
Shot types: We will have an establishing shot of the house and a point of view shot from the salon owner, a close up of the wax equipment, a close of of a kettle boiling and a medium close up of the other customers that are waiting.