Sunday, 30 January 2011

SD - Deconstruction: 5ive Girls (Warren. P. Sonoda) (2006)

1. Establishing shot- Extreme long shot of the Religious school setting.
   - Bright light signifies a pure/virginal impression of the girls and god in the school presence.
2. Music and sound - Eary, slow the organ is being played (Digetic sound)
3. Mise-en-scene: Cruisifix on the wall, girl in quite contivertial uniform which apparently draws in the devil because she's doing something wrong with the teacher signified by him putting his hand on her shoulder.
4. Start equilibrium- School girl in a religious school.
5. Fence around the school in a tracking shot signifies discipline.
6. Ellipsis - time passing from outside to inside
7. Student in the classroom alone signifies isolation and vulnerablity.
8. Girl in the class rooms costume: short skirt, knee high socks, blonde hair all signifies she is sexually active and anchors the sexual link between her and her teacher.
9. Shot variations provides anchorage that it is aimed at teens because they tend to get bored more easily.
10. Non digetic sound and very short takes when the devil arrives to signify change and panic.
11. The roar from the girl signifies the devil has got into her similarly to the way it does in the horror film The Excorsist released in 1973.

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