Friday, 21 January 2011

Casting [draft]

Our working title is 'waxed'. For our filming we want 3 actors. Originally we were going to have 3 women actors, one murderer, one victim and one client. Since then we have changed the idea to add another dimension to our film. By adding a male character we are hoping it will show how our film is a counter-type of most slasher films. We wanted to do a feminist spin on the genre hence us deciding to have a female killer.
Our ideal victim if we had a choice of a scream queen would be Drew Barrymoore from Scream or Jamie Lee Curtis because they are blonde and signify a typical scream queen.

Our ideal killer would be Jessica Alba because she would represent a more intelligent and thin woman with brown hair. For example a strong female killer such  Obviously we cant get these people to be in our film so we have chosen to have a Brunette killer and a Blonde scream queen that is busty being:
Killer: Paula a Beautician
Victim: Colette Howarth
Second client: George Clayton.

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