Sunday, 30 January 2011

Deconstruction: Saw (James Wan) (2004)

1. Narrative enigma used, we dont see the killers face at any point.
2. Digetic sound is used in a darkened room
3. Anchorage of the time period from the clothing and tape recorder.
4. Anchorage of the setting given by the accent of the actors/actresses (American)
5. Binary Opposition, two oppsite characters one being a doctor and the other quite scruffy middle class looking guy (scruffy clothes, jeans).
6. There is no killer which is unusual for a horror but expected in Saw films as they have to work together and survive or kill themselves.
7. 15-24 (and upwards) Audience like our film opening coursework task, which is shown in Saws box office .

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