Sunday, 13 February 2011

EM- Ideas for Film Opening


- Find out if actress can film during the evening.
- Get images for casting
- Describe ideal characters
- Think about characters form existing movies e.g Psycho 
- Describe scream queen and others
- Create scripts for actors/actresses 
- Research on male gaze theory

Psycho meets Halloween

- Establishing shot of the house
- Potentially do a shot of them being stalked from outside.
- Trees near the house, stalking, point of view shot from behind the tree
- Male enters the salon
- Close up of the beauticians hand while she's writing down his appointment (we never see her face until the very end
- Medium shot of male character walking up the stairs
- Comes into the waiting room where we see customer 2

- Close up of beautician stabbing putting scissors into a scissor holder
- Medium shot of her coming up the stairs
- Over the shoulder shot of her on the side looking at the mirror with th reflection of the two customers
- Beautician offers tea/cake to male customer which is used as an excuse to use a knife to stab the victim
- She asks for first customer
- Takes her into the massage/waxing room
- She accidentaly hurts the customer and then offers 6 minutes in the tanning bed
- In the mean time, male customer goes outside to take a phone call
- Beautician sets the timer on the tanning bed for the customer
- While the customer is in the tanning bed we hear an axe scraping on the floor contrasted with the non-digetic music, e.g organ
- Beautician then slowly enters the room  and opens the tanning bed door 
- Point of view shot from the victim and killer says "Times up!" This is the first time we see her face
- There is then a black out, and then we see a leg hanging out of the tanning bed with blood dripping down
- The male customer hears the scream and pauses in shock

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