Thursday, 10 February 2011

Preshooting Adjustments to the storyboard

We will be re-shooting on either saturday or sunday afternoon this weekend and be getting plenty of coverage and shot variation that we can edit successfully. We have made some minor changes to our storyboard recetnly so we will be adding a new one on soon.

The changes we have made are to the ending of the opening as we had problems shooting the violent scenes as it is based in a salon we wanted the murder to happen when the victim got out of the sunbed and would be brutally murdered with an axe although we had to think about how we would do this due to clothing of the victim as normally when using a sunbed you dont wear anything or wear paper knickers. After thinking about it we decided that Colette(victim) will get into the sunbed as it is an upright one she will be wearing a towel and the towel will be placed over the door of the sunbed and Katie (the killer)will take it from her then when colette comes out of the sunbed we will have a point of view shot of Colette and we will hear her scream then the screen will go black. Finally we will have a low angle shot of Colettes leg sticking out of the sunbed cubicle with blood dripping down it and onto the floor. Before the killing we are going to have a high angle shot looking down at the seat in the waiting room where George (other customer) was earlier seating providing narrative enigma as to who is the killer in the opening.

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