Thursday, 10 February 2011

Preparations for filming and filming ideas.

For our film we are going to have to make blood we have tried out a few ways such as using ketchup and a number of different liquids to do so but all seemed to fail. In the end we looked on the internet and researched different ways of how we could make it and found the ideal way which wasn't too messy because obviously we cant create to much mess in the salon.
We tried it out for ourselves and decided to go with it because it looked realistic.
We also have been thinking about if the idea of the axe would would because we want it to be believable.
We want the mise-en-scene to be realistic so we are having things like tweezers, wax strips which is obviously a reference to the title and if we can we think it would be a good idea to have things like magazines and newspapers in the waiting room that refer to a story of some mass murderer or serial killing and happening like that in the local area to us but this is obviously specific and we dont want anchorage to look to forced on set.

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