Wednesday, 16 February 2011

General Conventions of Definitely Maybe

- Producer/Distributer e.g Working title, Universal
- Close up of package that is dropped on the table containing an address - Mr William Hayes of 1932 West End Avenue,New York. This provides exposition of the setting and is narrative enigma to who exactly Mr William Hayes is.
- There is then a medium shot of a man clicking his pen whilst sitting at his desk. This then provides the fact that this could be William Hayes.
- The letter is then opened revealing divorce papers. This provides the audience with an understanding or pre-judgement towards the character. Also due to the fact that he himself has opened the letter, it reveals that he is William Hayes.
- The character then reveals that he has a daughter who he picks up and therefore there is a mid-shot of him exiting the building in to the streets of New York.
- It is a sunny day which provides exposition on his mood

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