Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sound track

Although we have been concentrarting on our idents recently to get them the best we can we are starting to think about soundtrack now we have previously decided that we're going to use Garage Band and we hope to create something along the lines of what is in Paranormal Activity on the shot when we realise the customer is missing aswell as the owner (Narrative enigma) as to who is the killer at 0:54 in this clip:
at this point the date and time could appear on screen as often in serious films and horrors this is the case such as in halloween, paranormal m activities one and two and peeping tom etc which we will be discussing in a Vodcast on Tuesday.
We have decided we dont want a song playing all the way through like in some openings. We want to have some diagetic sounds but have them more exaggerated. For example we want to shot the muder weapon (axe) scraping along the floor and we want to have the sound of the salon door slamming.
By looking at horror opening we have noted that many opening do not have a song playing all the way through but rather short noises that create suspense. InHell Night there was diagetic music playing as it was set at a party but this obviously doesnt fit with the context of our opening.
Many films such as Halloween and The Ring have a sound track thatas starts off rather slowly and then picks up. Its clear that a lot of high pitch notes andstrings are used such as a piano and violins.

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