Monday, 21 March 2011

Changes to the opening - Editing.

SD- We have made a number of changes to our opening:

1. We have decided to have Colettes scream repeating to when George slams the draw to make it look like he does it for a reason showing he could also be suspicous.
2. We have had to take the kettle bit out although it built up the tension at no point did katie mention the kettle so it was unsignificant to the text unless we can record katie asking her for a coffee or tea and we are able to put the diolgue over the top.
3. We moved the shot of Georges 'confused face' to when he hears the scream to make it more relevant.
4. We are currently working on a Psycho like soundtrack for parts of the opening when there is no dialogue.
5. We have scrapped the idea of using the final shot of the leg and blood sticking out of the sunbed because the blood looked unrealistic and we couldn't decide on an appropriate transition that would look good replacing it with a simple black screen and the title WAXED in red bold letters signifying blood.

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