Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question - 3

3. What kind of media institution might distibute your media product and why?

Because we are a small based Indie film maker or Independent film makers, our film would not be able to be distributed by a well recognized film company as we have had no budget on our film. With our location, we did not have a budget to afford a high quality location but were given permission to do so in a salon. Also, since we have produced a slasher/horror film, most distributer do not want to promote or distribute violent and disturbing films. Also, we would never become a mass marketed film as we do not have the money to promote ourselves and the film. On the other hand, if we were to be associated with a distributer it would be Paramount or Lionsgate seeing as they have distributed horrors in the past. These horrors include, Halloween, and Psycho. Our film could be distributed by these companies because they create intertextual links as the soundtrack for our film was similar to the one in Psycho. These media institutions would also distribute our film because there main audiences range from our age range of 15-24 and it shows that there will be an audience for our film. Also, a Company such as New Line Cinema would be considered as they  they have distributed other horror films such as ‘Nightmare on Elms Street’ and and we have deliberately applied inter textual references. However, seeing as New Line only distribute within the Us region they have a subsidiary called Entertainment Film Distributors which distributes within the UK and they also release independent films especially in the horror genre for example, cherry falls.  Another company which we would highly consider is Warp X which is a subsidiary of Warp and works with the UK Film Council and Film 4 which distributes low budget indie films.

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