Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question - 2

How does your media project represent particular social groups?

In a slasher genre there are stereotypes such as the Scream Queens (A woman which attracts the male gaze and is usually the one who is killed first) An example of a scream queen in other horror movies arr Demi Moore in Scream or Jamie Lee-Curtis in Haloween. In our film, we have included a scream queen in the sense that our female actress is blonde but she is not as done up as Katie, the killer. Due to this, we decided that the killing should be done not because she is sexually active, but because she isn't representing women in the way they ought to be portrayed because she is not glamorous and pampered as women should be and in the way she represents women by wearing a low cut beautician's outfit which reveals her large chest. This is used to also link to our  male audience between the ages of 15-24 and the male gaze.

The Final girl portrayes as the opposite to the Scream Queen asThe Final Girl is a woman starring in a film that survives in the film and is most likely to be portrayed as the opposite of the Scream Queen as she is intelligent and geeky. We did not get to incorporate a Final girl in to our film but we would have liked to seeing as it would contribute to the horror conventions. If we would have had a Final Girl she would have been brunette, intelligent and sexually pure. However, in order to go along with our theme of counter typing , the Final Girl could have been a blonde busty female who survives and shocks the audience. This would shock the audience because it challenges the way that people see blonde women and how they are dumb and are used as objects for male gaze in the typical conventions of a horror.

The male is normally the killer in a horror. We wanted the audience to  see George (the male client) as an eerie and mysterious character who is  secluded from society. We provide anchorage that he is this character when he does not communicate with Collette (the female patient) when he goes upstairs. We have dennoted that he is a dillusional character by using high note keys when he first is seen walking towards the salon. We did this in order for the audience to automatically have perceived views on him. 

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