Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing Update

SD- We have recently changed our opening and from our audience feedback we received, we have decided to take out the shot of Katie (the killer) walking up the stairs our audience thought it would be more mysterious and that the shot was unnecessary just taking up time in the opening.

They also said that they thought we should try and fit the kettle part back in because it built up tension nicelyso we have recorded Katie telling her customer she's 'just going to put the kettle on' we have now re added the kettle shots and shown the new cut to some people and they agree it fits and has worked out nicely.

We still need to add the idents to our opening and tittles as well as the sound track we've been working on recently which ishigh pitched notes similar to Psycho and increasing depth in parts to add tension we have also been thinking about the sound when Katie axes Colette in the tanning booth because we need to make it sound realistic to achieve verisimilitude.

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