Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question - 4

Our production would be given a rating of 15+ in the BBFC. The target audience for our film is between the ages of 15-24. We have chosen this audience because we see in various films such as Halloween show that there is an audience for this ranging amongst teens mostly and also that most horror films are given this rating. On the other hand, even if we were to rise the rating to an 18, we know that there would still be an audience seeing as most teenagers under the age of 18 still watch and get a hold of these films. The same applies for people over 24 watching the film. The reason why we rated this film as a 15 is because if we had rated it as an 18 we would have lost some of our audience in the cinema because most horror's sometimes attract teenagers below 15. Also, we decided not to rate it a 12 because some of the language, such as "b*tch", is not appropriate for younger children, along with the violence and gore. 

Our initial target audience for our film opening was between the ages of 15-24 and we aimed to attract both male and female within this age category. In order to do so, we put a feminist spin on the genre by having a female killer. A female being the killer portrays women as powerful and strong characters, rather than being seen as an 'object' or Scream Queen, for the male gaze. We wanted to gain male viewers because of the female killers features and they tend to be interested in the blood, gore and gazing upon a blonde busty female. Our primary audience is 15-24, but our secondary source could be ages below or above this age range. For example, people who are outside our target audience may want to see the film due to the inter textual links such as the soundtrack which links to Psycho, or when Katie files her nails having an intertextual link to Nightmare on Elm's Street. 

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