Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing decissions

- We wanted a very high angle shot to make the male customer look vulnerable and make the audience think that he's the victim.
- When we re-shoot we will get all the church bells to give anchorage of the time and edit it into the first shots
- We have made a variation of shots in the opening without it looking too much although variation shots is good for our target audience (15-20) that get bored easily.
- We had to think about re-shooting in the day due to blurriness.

- We need to think about what sound affects we want throughout because we realized when editing we need to record screams and other sound to make it more action packed.

Re- shoot Colette getting into the sunbed.
- Speak to Colette about the outfit for the sun bed because it doesnt work filming her legs getting into the sunbed.
- Re-shoot outside shot George going into the salon.
- Psycho did extreme long shot shoot one of these as our establishing shot.
- Take as little tracking/ panning shots as possible we have cut down our tracking shots so our target audience dont get bored.
- Psycho Norman Bates/ Katie playing this role is sat behind the desk which we have edited so her face isnt seen (narrative enigma) to hide the killer (more narrative shots needed)
- Re shoot george speaking to katie to make it flow more easily
- Get a magazine or newspaper with some sort of murder story or weapon been found to mirror what will later happen.
- We could get a shot of katie filing her nails or using scissors to signify that shes the killer 
- Edited a few shots to cutaway shots to vary the variety of shots.
- The shot of the candle flickering edited to quite short and then theres a shot of a single candle after.
- We will need to re shoot our film more to vary shots and make the transitions from shot to shot smoother.

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